Create Kids Room Using Impressive Rugs IKEA

Create Kids Room Using Impressive Rugs IKEA

Hi, mom and dad. Do you want to create wonderful kids room sets? Do you use the awesome kids rugs? Do you have design to make comfortable kids room? So here, I would like to share some inspiration to create a kids room using impressive rug IKEA sets.

Boy likes a room with the brave or basic color but simple. Usually a boy wants everything, which can show himself in his room. A sporty boy want thing about sport. The white wall is the right choice to it. Room with modern black desk with simple lamp and brave red chair, it makes the room simple but confident and comfortable. You can save the file or yellow ball doll in the desk. And in front of the table, there is a simple black chest of drawer. You can put your toys or storybook here. At the top, you can put some toys to make the room awesome. In the wall beside of the table, you can add the map picture with the colorful line. And in the door, you can put the basket ring to improve the sporty atmosphere in the room. If you see at the window, you can see some toys like a plane or jet in the bottom list of the window. Under the window, you can see every tool about sport such as racket, cricket ball, and others. To make the room more sporty, the cool red number rugs from IKEA is the good choice to use.

For a girl, the colorful or soft color is the best design. The white or soft pink wall make the room calm and cool. You can put the bed with the soft white bedding. You can use cute pink bed sheet. Beside of bed, you can see the white desk and chair. In the desk, you can put the toys and cute dolls. The pink chandelier lamp above the bed can make the kids comfortable if they are sleep. Some flower or toys pictures in the wall will make the room fancy. The combination white and pink color is make the room comfortable. To make the room more comfortable, using the blue toys rug or colorful line from IKEA is the good choice.

So, mom and dad, decide your color of rugs and balance your room color decoration with impressive bedroom furniture sets or things from IKEA. Now let’s try to create your kids room using impressive rugs from IKEA!

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